Temperature Textiles is initiated and developed by Raw Color with the aim to manifest Climate Change data on a series of textile objects.

Communicating Climate Change through textiles. Temperature Textiles range from knitted blankets, to scarves and socks and are designed to carry climate data and to provide warmth to the user. The manifested data shows three main drivers and results of Global Warming. These can be identified as Temperature Change, Sea Level Rise and Emission.

Temperature — Blankets & Scarf

Temperature Blanket – Flat knit
The pattern of the blanket is based on 4 different Temperature change scenario predictions.
Temperature Scarf

The scarf diagram shows that the temperature might reach 4ºC by 2100 if no emission reduction is applied.

Temperature Blanket – Double knit

The diverse patterns and graphics of Temperature Blanket – Double knit are based on related climate data.

By 2070, under a high emissions scenario, unbearable temperatures could expand to affect up to 3 billion people.

Sea Level – Blankets & Socks

Sea Level Blanket – Flat knit
The lines represent the observed and predicted Sea Level rise from 2000 until 2100. 
Sea Level Socks

Similar to a ruler the horizontal lines display the predicted Sea Level rise in the decades 2020 until 2050.

Sea Level Blanket – Double knit

The graphics show that Sea Level change is related to geography or it visualises the decrease of glacial thickness.

The current Sea Level rise began at the start of the 20th century. Between 1900 and 2017, the globally averaged Sea Level rose by 16 – 21 cm.

Emission – Blankets

Emission Blanket – Flat knit 
The colours of Emission are a variation of warm and cool shades.
Emission - Double knit

The diverse patterns and graphics of Emission Blanket – Double knit are based on related climate data.

Once Greenhouse Gases have been emitted to the atmosphere they will have a lifespan between 120 to 1.000 years.


The physical exhibition has been presented at the studio of Raw Color during Dutch Design Week. The blankets of Temperature, Sea Level and Emission are shown with additional process. In the shop the smaller pieces Temperature Scarf and Sea Level Socks have been displayed.